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Carrera GT Videos

Here are 5 epic Carrera GT videos to get your week started.

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Gallardo with cats

This is a video of a Lamborghini Gallardo with cats in the engine bay, and it’s not the kind for emissions.

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UPDATE: Looks like this is a 50th anniversary Aventador Roadster with SV stickers. This may be the first Lamborghini Aventador SV fire to date. It happened earlier today near the Dubai Marina and it looks like the flame started in the engine bay, then proceeded to consume the entire car. Pictures and videos after the jump.

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One thing everyone can agree on is that Floyd “Money” Mayweather knows how to make money, and isn’t afraid to spend it. As it turns out, he spends just a small portion of his money on some of the most exotic cars in the world, and he just bought something extremely special.

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I love well-made car videos. Even more so, I love well-made car videos that showcase the true sound of a car’s exhaust. Too often are exhaust notes modified or masked by ambient sounds within the video, or worse, music.

Nitto Tires manages to hit the nail square on the head with this video of 33 exotic and classic cars starting up, and it’s easily one of my favorites of its type.

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I never expected to be so satisfied by watching a Porsche 918 Spyder being built. Everything from the sound of the leather being glued and applied to the carbon fiber trim to small things like tightening a screw – this video just put me into a relaxed state. Watch the video after the jump to see for yourself…

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Go figure, one of the fastest cars in the world actually sounds like a fighter jet when passing by at 235 MPH. Even more stunning is the fact that this is being done on a public road, and it’s all legal. How?

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If you’re going to spend 400,000+ USD on a track-inspired Ferrari, one that is meant to be as close to a racing car for the street as possible, why not just take it to the extreme with a modest exhaust mod?

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