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AM Vulcan and Vulcan 1
Car NewsCarsCars and PlanesUnited Kingdom

The Aston Martin Vulcan meets its modern namesake, the Avro Vulcan.

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Mercedes Tuners - Prior Design AMG GTS
Car NewsCarsGermanyModified Cars

In the past week, three Mercedes tuners have absolutely hit the nail on the head with their modified variants of top tier Mercedes models.

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Aventador SV Fire 4
Car NewsCarsDubaiSupercars

UPDATE: Looks like this is a 50th anniversary Aventador Roadster with SV stickers. This may be the first Lamborghini Aventador SV fire to date. It happened earlier today near the Dubai Marina and it looks like the flame started in the engine bay, then proceeded to consume the entire car. Pictures and videos after the jump.

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Ford GT Le Mans 2
Car NewsCarsMotorsports

Remember a few months back we reported on the new Ford GT Le Mans racecar being revealed? Well, we finally have some more live footage of the car and holy crap does it sound evil.

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Legacy C63 1
Car NewsCarsGermany

I thought the picture above was photoshopped when I first saw it. Nope – it’s real, and it’s awesome. But why is that truck full of matte green C63 coupes? Cue some background…

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Regera 1
Car NewsCarsSweden

With each new car they build, Koenigsegg has always been able to push the threshold of engineering and performance to the next level; in fact, they probably set the bar to begin with. Their latest creation, the Regera (“reign” in Swedish), will most likely do that again on many fronts; it’s supposed to be one of the most unconventional yet exciting production cars on the planet.

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F10 M5 Manual
Car NewsCars

Today, BMW M division boss Frank van Meel told Autocar UK that the future of manual transmissions in BMW M cars doesn’t look bright.

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Car NewsCarsJapan

Looks like the wizards at Subaru have decided to put some new color, literally, into the WRX STI and BRZ lines – now informally known as The Blues Brothers. They just announced that there’s going to be a limited production run of both models in a new and exclusive color: HyperBlue.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Side
Car NewsCarsItaly

Soul. Emotion. Expression. Passion. These are all words that are generously used by Italian car manufacturers to describe their new flagship offerings. However, in the press release for the all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia, you’ll notice this isn’t exactly the case.

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Huayra 1
Car NewsCarsCool Stuff for Sale

Don’t you just hate it when you go to order your new Pagani Huayra and find out that it is going to take months to build and get stateside? It’s really a drag. Wouldn’t it just be great if you could stumble on a tastefully built, like new example that’s already stateside?

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