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The New Ford GT Racecar Sounds Menacing and Terrifying

Remember a few months back we reported on the new Ford GT Le Mans racecar being revealed? Well, we finally have some more live footage of the new Ford GT racecar and holy crap does it sound evil.

Initial speculation says that the “farting” sound you’re hearing during early acceleration is either the traction control system kicking in or some sort of antilag system for the new Ecoboost V6; regardless, it sounds pretty cool. Even the downshifts are violent, almost like some sort of cannon firing off in the distance. Couple those two sounds with the whizz of the turbo, and the end result is something truly menacing and terrifying.

We’re really looking forward to seeing this car compete in the World Endurance Championship and Tudor United Sports Car Championship next year.

Hear it for yourself.

Just for reference, that farting sound really does sound like some sort of a machine gun. In fact, it sounds eerily similar to the gatling gun firing off on an A-10 Warthog military jet, which is unsurprisingly even more menacing and terrifying than the Ford GT racecar.

Featured Image Credit: Ford

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