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The 15 Coolest Used Cars Under $60,000 (Part 2)

On what seems like a daily basis, I think about different used cars I could potentially buy at certain price ranges. That is, optimal price ranges where depreciation has run most of it’s course. From what I’ve seen, at $35,000, $60,000 and $100,000 you can pretty much buy some of the coolest and most iconic cars ever produced. So, if I had a budget of around $60,000 and my goal was to max that out for the coolest used car, what’s in my realm of possibility? It turns out that there’s a lot of great choices, but I’ve narrowed it down to just 15.

I’ve been revealing my list of 15 via this three part column – each post highlighting the next five cars. Last week I went over the first five cars on my list, and this week I’ll cover 6 – 10.

As before, here are a few things to keep in mind while reading through my list:

  • My cut off date for a car to be considered “used” is 10 years, so nothing before 2005
  • My definition of “cool” may be different than your definition; feel free to agree or disagree in the comments below
  • I understand that you can negotiate the price down on most of these cars, as well as buy them cheaper at the auction; in an effort to keep it simple and consistent, I’ve filtered these cars purely based off their average clean title prices at a dealership
  • This list is in no particular order, and I will be publishing this list 5 cars at a time; here are the first five cars, and the remaining 5 will follow in my next post

Without further ado, here are cars 6 – 10:

Porsche Boxster Spyder Under 60k

Photo Credit: Automobilesreview

6. Porsche Boxster Spyder (2010 – 2012) 

Original MSRP: $68,150 (with air conditioning)

Powerplant: 3.4 liter flat 6 – 320 hp

The Porsche Boxster is already one of the most impressive handling vehicles on the market, so what happens when you shave off 176 lbs, give it more power, and improve it’s suspension? You get the Boxster Spyder, and it somehow improves on all the things that made the original Boxster great, and ends up looking awesome while doing so.

It’s lower to the ground, has larger wheels, a more pronounced but stationary rear spoiler, and of course those amazing bulges behind each seat that give it a similar look to the Carrera GT and 918 Spyder. There’s no automatic top on this car either; it’s actually a manually-removable flimsy cloth top that – and I’m serious, latches on with two hooks on the sides of those rear bulges. It’s comical, and almost seems like the engineers put the roof on as an afterthought; it’s really in an effort to save weight. Speaking of weight savings, the base car comes with no radio or air conditioning, and in lieu of actual door handles you have to pull on a rope to open the door – because race car.

The fact that you only have 320 horsepower means that you can use all of the power of this car without having to attain ludicrous speeds, tremendously adding to the fun factor. It really puts a different perspective to spirited driving, and as a result is probably the best driver’s car on this list.

Corvette ZR1 Under 60k

Photo Credit: Carthrottle

7. Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 (2009 – 2010)

Original MSRP: $111,600

Powerplant: Supercharged 6.2 liter V8 – 638 hp

This isn’t your ordinary mid life crisis Corvette. GM meant business when they released the ZR-1, and in 2009 it was actually the most powerful car to ever exit a General Motors manufacturing line. It was also the first road-going Corvette to feature Ferrari Enzo-sized carbon ceramic brakes, magnetic ride suspension and a carbon fiber roof as standard options, making it a pretty advanced beast. The ZR-1 also looked more aggressive than any other Corvette due to its larger wheels, additional aerodynamic flare, and of course the hood bulge with a plexiglass window that partially revealed it’s monstrous supercharged engine. However, on top of all the bells and whistles, the ZR-1 really became the center of attention when it set a Nurburgring lap time of 7:26.4, beating the almighty GTR’s previous record by 0.3 seconds  – watch the lap here.

At under $60,000, the performance per dollar alone makes the ZR-1 incredibly desirable, but there’s one area where the Vette reigns supreme on this list: maintenance. Yup, for the most part, the ZR-1 is as easy to maintain as a Chevy Cobalt; heck, it even shares the same steering wheel.

Backdraft Cobra Under 60k

Photo Credit: Cobracountry

8. Backdraft Racing Cobra 427 Roadster

Original MSRP: $70,000+

Powerplant: Roush 427R V8 – 550 hp

Before you whine and complain that “ohhhhh it’s a kit car” and “ohhhhh it’s not an original” and “ohhhhh it isn’t practical because it has no roof or creature comforts”, I want you to picture this scene in your head:

It’s a nice spring day, sun is out with clear skies, and the weather is still cool from the offset of winter. You just so happen to crave a drive, so you open your garage door and see this modern rendition of a 60’s icon sitting, waiting to be unleashed onto the road. You walk up, open the door and somehow manage to fit yourself into the tightly-molded cabin. Once you’re seated and strapped into your harness-style seat belt, you’re greeted with many analog gauges, a large wooden steering wheel, a manual transmission, and a thin front windshield you can practically see over.

Turning on the Cobra rumbles the entire house, you give some throttle blip to help the carbureted motor come to life. Once the RPMs level out you can feel the deep lope of the lazy cam come through in full force, rocking the car from left to right – hell yeah. Pulling away in first gear, the car feels like it’s going to stall so you give it some more throttle, but not too much because you remember things can easily go south if you don’t know what you’re doing; 550 hp and a curb weight of 1800 lbs makes this car incredibly tail happy. This is probably also a good time to remember that the car has no traction control, no ABS, and of course no air bags. Easy does it.

Once onto an empty straight, you put the car into second gear since all it’s going to do is spin the 295 section rear tires in first; easing the throttle in, you decide to finally nail it to the floor. The immediate torque and otherwise explosive power band pushes you back in your seat and you try to grip onto the steering wheel and shift knob at the same time to stay composed, ready to perfectly time your upshift to third. The wind rushes over the top of your head and the side exit exhaust pipes are now screaming – it’s one of the most animalistic V8’s you’ve ever heard, emitting a sinister snarl as it runs up the RPMs. There aren’t any cars or  pedestrians ahead so you decide to commit and shift up to third. Your speed is now dangerously close to “jail time” levels. You shift into third only to floor it just for another second, getting one of the most addictive and satisfying feelings – you think to yourself: “HOLY SH!T”. Time to start braking. You manage to coast back down to a sane cruising speed and your heart continues to race as you slow down.

What a car. You’re now giggling like a child, and all of life’s stresses have just been relieved, even if only momentarily. Celebrations end as you feel a drop of rain on your arm. Time to head back home!

I rest my case.

2010 - 2013 BMW X6M

Photo Credit: Caranddriver

9. BMW X6M (2010 – 2013)

Original MSRP: $93,900

Powerplant: Twin Turbo 4.4 liter V8 – 555 hp

Look at the smile on that guy’s face in the picture above. Just look at it. Of course he’s smiling though. He’s oppo-locking on gravel in a big 5,000 lb SUV with almost 600 hp and a 0-60 mph time of low to mid 4 seconds – I’d be smiling too. The X6M is BMW’s rebel car in that it doesn’t really make much sense on paper.

The X6M is about the same size as it’s sibling, the X5M, but nowhere near as practical as a true SUV thanks to a sloping roofline and limited cargo space. It’s definitely higher off the ground than your average sedan, but I wouldn’t plan on taking this car further off road than the guy in the picture above. In fact, BMW formally considers the X6M to be a “Sport Activity Coupe” which basically stands for “dirt = nein! pavement = ja, wunderbar!”.

Speaking of pavement, this is where the X6M excels and somewhat defines its purpose: it’s basically a larger, all wheel drive version of the 2012+ M5 with very few of compromises that come along with a typical performance SUV. When in the X5M, you feel like you’re driving an SUV with a lot of power. The X6M, however, is much more dynamic and feels like a performance sedan that sits higher up. Also, thanks to the wizardry of optimized center of gravity, you can throw the X6M into corners and it will stay planted for a very long time.

All in all, I can describe the X6M in three words: rare, dumb, awesome; that makes it pretty cool in my book.

2006 - 2007 Aston Martin DB9

Photo Credit: Motorauthority

10. Aston Martin DB9 (2006 – 2007) 

Original MSRP: $155,000

Powerplant: 6.0 liter V12 – 444 hp

Yup. An iconic Bond car. It’s possible. Seriously, it’s one of James Bond’s most iconic cars that isn’t a Jaguar XKR for under $60,000. Similar to the Gran Truismo, there’s not really a whole lot else that needs to be said about the cool factor, but what else does the DB9 bring to the table?

Let’s talk speed. Surely this Aston packs a punch with that massive V12 right? Well, it’s not as quick as you’d expect. You’ll hit 60 MPH in 4.9 seconds and will eventually top out at 186 MPH, but speed isn’t why you want would want this car. You’d want this car because it absolutely looks and sounds the business, and you’re easily one of the sexiest objects on the road at any given time. In fact, when your car breaks down and it really is a matter of when, not if it breaks, your car will continue to serve as a beautiful roadway ornament until the tow truck comes to save the day.

Sure, the V8 Vantage can an also be had for the same price, but it’s just not as cool in my eyes as this V12 grand tourer.

That said, I didn’t say it was the smartest thing to buy – may the odds ever be in your bank account’s favor.


That wraps up cars 6 – 10. Click here to see the last five coolest used cars under $60,000!


Featured Image Credit: Deviantart

The opinions of the author in this post do not reflect the views of Velocity Crew as a whole.

Always drive responsibly and obey all traffic laws.

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