SEMA 2015 Highlights (70+ Hi-Res Pictures)

SEMA 2015 is easily one of the most anticipated car events of the year. It’s the largest show where all manufacturers, customization shops and tuning/performance shops alike gather to showcase their latest and greatest creations. This is the event where you can find the latest trends in car customization, as shops work year round to prepare their vision of the perfect SEMA car. In past years, custom vinyl wraps were the main attraction, but this year there was a new hot commodity: fender flares. Holy crap.

Everything in SEMA this year seems to have beefed up front and rear fenders, and we are not complaining. Tuning houses like RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB) and Liberty Walk came in full force with a variety of exotic and classic cars showcasing their latest body kits.

Other main attractions included Sung Kang’s (and friends’) FUGUZ Datsun which was a joint effort between a group of friends and the well-known tuning shop, Greddy. If you’re wondering, yes, it too has wide fender flares.

On a rather surprising turn of events, the most badass ratrod BMW 5 series, Rusty Slammington, was brought back from the grave in an excellent fusion of ratrod and DTM racecar. I love it.

Thanks to our friend Armand_C63 (Instagram account here), we were able to get a deeper look at the madness that is SEMA 2015.

Enjoy the gallery!

SEMA 2015 Entrance

SEMA 2015 Hair

WRC Beetle Toyota Concept Ford GT LW Audi R8 Rusty Slammington 1 GTR Racecar Gotboost? N Largo F12 993 RWB 1 CLK63 AMG Widebody Huracan Concept Ferrari 458 Blue HRE CLS AMG Ratrod Rusty Slammington 2 Oldschool Muscle Widebody Mustang Gas Monkey Ford GT Challenger SEMA SEMA Speciale SEMA Genesis Supercharged 1 Concept Wire SEMA Rusty Slammington 3 M4 Widebody Porsche Speedster Frost Focus RS Gallardo Widebody GTR Bodykit SEMA SEMA Open Wheel Cruiser RWB 964 Ratrod Truck GTR SEMA Rusty Slammington 4

Drophead Phantom Audi R8 K&N SEMA GT3RS SEMA Genesis Supercharged 2 997 GT3 RS SEMA 993 Turbo RWB BMW Z4 Speedster Mercedes SLS Matte Purple 240SX Boosted SEMA LW 458 964 Racecar 650S SEMA Focus RS SEMA 2 Slammed Truck SEMA 964 RWB 2 SEMA FUGUZ SEMA 1 993 Turbo SEMA 2 458 Wing SEMA Slammed Mustang SEMA R8 SEMA 2 Lexus RC-F SEMA Porsche 997 GT2 Magnus Walker SEMA Huracan LW Slammed BMW i8 CLK63 AMG 2 SEMA

FUGUZ SEMA 2 BMW M4 Performance SEMA Sinister Challenger SEMA Old school 5 Series SEMA 993 RWB Turbo SEMA Slammed E60 BMW M5 Ford GT40 SEMA SEMA Huracan LW CLS AMG SEMA HRE SEMA Murcielago LW SEMA Concept Door SEMA 964 Racecar

All in all, SEMA 2015 looked like a blast, and I’ve determined that it’s paramount to my happiness in life that I attend next year’s event.


Featured Image Credit: Carscoops

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