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Watch The Koenigsegg Regera Stretch It’s Legs to 218 MPH On A Dyno

With each new car they build, Koenigsegg has always been able to push the threshold of engineering and performance to the next level; in fact, they probably set the bar to begin with. Their latest creation, the Regera (“reign” in Swedish), will most likely do that again on many fronts; it’s supposed to be one of the most unconventional yet exciting production cars on the planet. Even Koenigsegg described the car as bi-polar and claims that it has a “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde persona” due to the fact that it manages to combine extreme luxury with extreme performance.

The Swedish company just teased the internet with this brief clip of the Regera accelerating on what appears to be a dynamometer (dyno), and it sounds like an absolute monster. Although it has only one gear and there’s less resistance on a dyno, it seems to go from 50 – 350 km/h (218 MPH) effortlessly. Mind you, this clip doesn’t even showcase all 1500 bhp that the 5.0L twin turbo V8 with electric propulsion is capable of laying on the road, as its top speed is 248 MPH at 8,250 RPM.

Listen to the clip and keep in mind that this car has a partial electric drivetrain (“Direct Drive”), no transmission (hence the one long gear during acceleration), 2000 nm of torque, 8-way adjustable memory foam seats, a 9” infotainment system, and 3G/WiFi connectivity.

It’s a complete contradiction, and I love it.

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A video posted by Koenigsegg Official (@koenigseggautomotive) on

I can’t wait to hear this car under load.

Photo Credit: Koenigsegg

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