Ferrari 458 Speciale With Straight Pipes Is Unsurprisingly Epic

Ferrari built the 458 Speciale for the enthusiast who wants a faster, lighter and more track-oriented version of the 458 Italia, or for whoever thought that the standard 458 just wasn’t exclusive enough. Ferrari upped the horsepower of the Speciale from 562 to 597 and kept the same 398 lb-ft of torque, but they also managed to shave about 200 lbs from the curb weight due to generous usages of carbon fiber and other means of weight saving (you no longer have carpets, but who needs carpets?). 60 MPH comes in about 3 seconds and you’ll have the ability to pull 1.33 G’s in a turn; it’s also only 0.5 seconds slower around Ferrari’s test track than the V12-powered F12.

That said, if you’re going to spend 400,000+ USD on a track-inspired Ferrari, one that is meant to be as close to a racing car for the street as possible, why not just take it to the extreme with a modest exhaust mod? Oh, and by modest, I mean add straight pipes and proceed to draw attention away from fire-spitting Lamborghinis.

Someone decided to do just that when they put straight pipes with an adjustable valve (with two modes: sensible and berserk) on their 458 Speciale. The end result is staggering in the video below. I love watching the candid reactions of the driver and passenger while the car snaps, crackles and pops on acceleration and the overrun.

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