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The Pagani Huayra of Your Dreams Is For Sale…On Craigslist

Don’t you just hate it when you go to order your new Pagani Huayra and find out that it’s going to take months to build and get stateside? It’s really a drag. Wouldn’t it just be great if you could stumble on a tastefully built, like new example that’s already stateside? Heck, you might even get a good deal on it if you got it off Craigslist.

No seriously, there’s a Pagani Huayra on Craigslist right now [UPDATE: Looks like the ad was removed by Craigslist admins, but the text from the listing is posted below]. It’s not just any Huayra either, it’s the 730S Edition which is better than the ‘standard’ one because it has a fancy name, obviously.

Oh, and about that deal – it’s reasonably priced at a mere $5,500,000. Huayra 3

Alejandro Salomon listed his one-off Huayra 730S Edition on Craigslist, and it’s probably one of the most satirical for sale ads I’ve ever seen. There’s a 99.7% chance that this ad is fake and if you are not easily offended, it’s still hilarious and definitely worth a read. With this listing, Salomon seems to be poking fun at a recent La Ferrari sale ad in South Florida which boasts a price tag of $5,000,000, or about $3,500,000 over MSRP.

The ad was removed by Craigslist admins, but here is the text from the listing:

Ladies & Gentlemen,

If I could direct your attention to this beautiful Pagani Huayra known as the Huayra 730S Edition, and it’s now for sale for the insanely low amount of $5.5 Million Dollars!!!!! WOW… what a bargain!!

Why would I put it up for sale?

Times are tough, and sometimes all you need in life is 5.5 Million USD.

trust me I’m a hamster trainer. I know this.

Is it priced properly?

I think so! If there’s some dude trying to sell a Ferrari LaFerrari for $5,000,000 USD and his car is 1 out 499… I figured, since my car’s sticker is higher than his original one and they are only going to make 100 of mine… Why buy a peasant’s car when there are so many of them instead of a more unique one (I’m looking at you Sheikhs ).

What will I do with the money?

Isn’t that a little too personal? Fine… I’ll tell you anyways… I am planning on buying the biggest LEGO collection the world has ever seen. I’m talking about castles, knights, star wars spaceships, huge buildings, I mean the whole fucking shabang!


Unfortunately I’m still cashing a few IOU’s from previous items I sold, so I won’t be taking those. I would much rather get either a wire transfer (like in the movies) or a cashier’s check, but I’d be willing to take 2900 Ford Taurus’ in exchange too.


Just buy the damn car so I can buy my LEGO SET! Come on!!!! Car is in perfect condition and has only been skunked once before, ONCE!!!! I’ve never farted inside of it, nor my co-pilots (I’m pretty sure….), It’s seen more action than Jenna Jameson back in 1999, and to make things better it was hand made in 43 hours! You need this car! Just like a weird person needs a cat! COME ON!!!

I personally want to see his LEGO dreams come to life.

Huayra 4

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