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Cold Starts: Mercedes V12 Edition

When you think of a V12 engine, you probably immediately think of Lamborghini or Ferrari, but the fine folks in Germany also put an epic V12 in many top tier Mercedes models and their AMG variants like the S, S-Coupe, CL and the SL. That said, there’s a certain level of praise to be given to the crazy person who first proposed to put an Earth-bending V12 in a Mercedes, as big power V8’s are usually the most logical route for more power and torque. I think the end result is probably one of the coolest and unsuspecting sounds and performance figures to come out of a luxury car.

Enter the sound of a Mercedes V12 starting up cold. There’s just something to be had about hearing one of these engines roaring to life after sitting for a couple days. Everything from the long whirl of the starter, to the initial high revving idle, it’s literally music to my ears.

With that, here are some great Mercedes V12 cold starts from an S65 Coupe, SL65, S65 sedan, plus a special bonus at the end:

BONUS – Although they’re not a direct Mercedes product, let’s not forget that the mighty Pagani Zonda and Huayra are both powered by a Mercedes AMG V12.

Fun fact, if you’re really craving a Mercedes V12 in your life, one can be had for a reasonable amount of money. You can find old S600’s for less than $10k USD, and if you want the most car for the money, you can get a newer S65 (2007 – 2008) for less than $60k USD. Just remember, wielding great power requires deep pockets; be ready to change all 12 spark plugs and coils that come along with these beastly cars.

What an amazing engine.

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