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3 Mercedes Tuners That Are Doing it Right

Mercedes Tuners Are Killing the Game Right Now

When it comes to tuning, it’s hard to be good at improving on the design and performance of a high end car. In fact, sometimes vehicles are worse off after tuning than they were when stock. When done right, however, the results can truly be astonishing.

In the past week, three Mercedes tuners have absolutely hit the nail on the head with their modified variants of top tier Mercedes models.

Brabus GTS 600

Mercedes Tuners - Brabus GTS600

Brabus has always been revered as a top tier Mercedes tuner, and they’re easily one of the busiest in the business. The North German tuner currently offers some sort of modification to almost every Mercedes vehicle, and their shop is full of cars at all times. Their latest creation, the Brabus GTS 600 is a textbook exercise in “OEM Plus” which essentially means taking a car from it’s original factory spec and just turning up the knob ever so slightly to make it look and feel stock, all while having all the benefits of a tuned car.

Mercedes Tuners - Brabus GTS600

On first glance, GTS 600 appears to be stock. It has very subtle body modifications, 20 and 21 inch Brabus forged wheels, and tasteful additions of matte carbon fiber on the front lip, side skirts and air vents, rear diffuser and of course the rear spoiler. Thanks to Brabus’ proprietary “PowerXtra B40-600” plug-in tune, power is brought to 591 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque, up from 503 hp and 479 lb-ft on the stock vehicle; 0-60 is done in 3.6 seconds.

Mercedes Tuners - Brabus GTS600

Additional goodies include a titanium exhaust with carbon fiber tip covers, and a lowering suspension to accommodate the car at it’s new top speed of 201 mph.

The best part? It comes with a three-year, 62,000 mile warranty.

Hat tip to you, Brabus.

Mansory S63 Coupe

Mercedes Tuners - Mansory S63 Coupe

I hate to use the reference, but this seriously does look like something the Dark Knight himself (Batman) would drive. The S63 Coupe “Black Series” by Mansory is absolutely bonkers. It looks like someone drew an S63 on a board and said in a thick German accent “add all ze aero to ze body!”. Imagine this thing pulling up behind you on the interstate – it wouldn’t even have to flash you with high beams before you immediately got out of it’s way, for fear of being sucked into one of the front air intakes.

But does it have the performance to back up the aggressive styling?

Absolutely. Full disclosure: don’t expect some sort of epic track monster – this is a straight line highway rocket. Power output from the original 5.5 liter bi-turbo V8 has been increased to a ludicrous 1,000 hp and 1,034 lb-ft of torque, 0-60 comes in 3.2 seconds up to a top speed of only 186 mph – electronically limited of course. That said, those numbers make sense if this was an S65 Coupe with the bi-turbo V12, but not from a V8 that started with only 577 hp. It’s pretty impressive.

Aesthetically, every body panel has been modified to some degree including the wide-body fenders. There have been a plethora of carbon fiber additions in true Mansard fashion, and the end result has true presence to say the least. It looks like they literally pulled the wing off a Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-SV and slapped it onto the S63 Coupe, and the multitude of vents makes this car look even meaner.

Mercedes Tuners - Mansory S63 Coupe

In short: it’s over the top, it’s in your face, it’s needlessly powerful, it’s borderline rude, and I think it’s hilariously cool. It will definitely take a special customer to buy this car, but selling them shouldn’t be an issue considering there will only be six made.

Prior Design AMG GTS

Mercedes Tuners - Prior Design AMG GTS

I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a tuner car faster than I did when I first saw the Prior Design AMG GTS. I can just stare at this car for hours. I’ve never seen such a well executed modification that includes a widebody, excessive aero, and for a lack of a better word, stance.

Mercedes Tuners - Prior Design AMG GTS

Prior Design refers to the body kit as it’s own PD800GT Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit, and it changes nearly every body panel on the GTS. Carbon fiber accents are added to the diffuser, side skirts, fender vents, front lip and canards but the rest of the widebody is made out of high quality fiberglass. I did not realize how much I would like the ducktail (Porsche design anyone?) rear spoiler lip on this car, but it sets it off nicely.

The wheels are another proprietary creation called the PD3FORGED Superlight, and they’re a great blend of modern design with muscular presence; by that I mean I could easily see them going well with a resto-modded 69 Camaro just as well as they would on any modern car.

Some have criticized stock AMG GTS’s for looking slightly tame and understated, but it’s safe to say that’s not even a remote issue with the PD800GT. Combine the body kit and wheels with a carefully tuned ride hight, and you now have one of the sexiest AMG GTS’s to grace the streets. The GTS finally gets the snarl that is so well deserved from the factory while capitalizing on its sensual curves.

Mercedes Tuners - Prior Design AMG GTS

The only thing I would change about this car would be to remove the front license plate bracket which is just a few screws away. Otherwise, I think it’s perfect. 


So there you have it; three Mercedes tuners that are laying utter destruction upon the high end tuner car world right now. Each is special in their own right whether it’s a master exercise in “OEM Plus”, being completely psychotic, or painfully well-done widebody flare. In short, the current Mercedes tuners are just doing it right.

Image Credit: Brabus, Mansory, Prior Design

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