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Best Cold Start: Classic Muscle Edition

There’s just something about a cold start that makes me all happy inside. Whenever I turn my car on for the first time in the morning, I love hearing the initial high revs calm down to a tame idle. My friends and I even tend to send each other our personal best cold start videos just to compare our cars. I think this resonates with car enthusiasts around the world, so I’ll periodically re-post the best cold start videos I come across.

Today, we have one of the most iconic classic cars to roam the streets: the Dodge Charger. The Charger hit mainstream fame after being featured in an epic chase scene as the bad guys’ car in the movie Bullitt. After Bullitt, the Charger gained even more fame in the hit 70’s show The Dukes of Hazard; the Charger took a new form as the “General Lee”, an orange 1969 Dodge Charger with a Confederate Flag painted on the roof. That said, the Charger is one cool car, and people have been modifying them for a number of years.

Modified cars usually mean modified exhaust notes, and the one below is probably the best cold start I’ve ever heard from a classic muscle car. I would highly recommend watching this video with headphones. It sounds menacing and terrifying. It sounds like a car fit for a bond villain. It sounds absolutely fantastic.

It struggles to get started, it actually turns off mid warm-up, and then it goes through a few different engine lopes until you get to that amazing cam lope that make muscle cars so cool. All in all, the best cold start I’ve heard from a classic muscle car – feel free to post more videos in the comments below!


Image Credit: Allcarcollectors

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