5 Epic Carrera GT Videos

Over 10 years after it’s release, the Porsche Carrera GT is still regarded as one of the most iconic supercars ever produced. It was and still is an extreme representation of the Porsche brand. Most diehard enthusiasts know that the CGT’s 612 hp  5.7L V10 engine is paired to a manual transmission, but what most don’t know is that this engine was originally developed to be put into a LeMans race car that never took flight. Yup, this is a true motorsports-derived race engine.

With such an epic engine, it’s only natural that many owners and reviewers make some great videos to showcase the car’s abilities. It’s also no coincidence that a majority of the videos include a car with straight pipes. With that, here are five epic Carrera GT videos:

1. Carrera GT POV Test Drive

This video is pure gold. It puts you in the driver’s seat of the Carrera GT and you get a sense of what it’s like to drive it around a tight, curvy, woodland road. The microphone is attached right next to the tailpipes so you can hear exactly how the engine is behaving, but the most interesting part is that you get the feeling that the driver is exercising extreme caution when easing in the throttle, upshifting, and taking turns; he’s nowhere near pushing the limits of the car and it still causes me to feel exhilarated.

2. Straight Pipe Carrera GT Flyby

There are three things to take note of in this video:

  1. The guy who says “that sounds like a really really big race bike!” makes a good point
  2. What happens to the front passenger wheel as it exits the parking lot should tell you something about how stiff the CGT is
  3. Holy crap the flyby at 2:17 – I guarantee you will watch it no less than 7 times

3. VRAlexander’s AWE Carrera GT on the Streets

BrianZuk’s videos on VRAlexander’s Carrera GT were some of the first I had ever seen of one terrorizing the street. This video has it all from epic tunnel downshifts and highway pulls, to effortlessly getting the car sideways on turns in the city.

4. Gemballa Mirage GT Launches

The Mirage GT is basically a fully modded Carrera GT from the German tuner Gemballa. Adding a Mirage GT, high rev clutch bombs and gratuitous amounts of tire smoke always makes for a great video.

5. Jeremy Clarkson Reviews the Carrera GT on Top Gear

This is one of the all time great reviews of the Carrera GT from none other than Mr. Power himself, Jeremy Clarkson. Enjoy this blast from the past because chances are that you’ve already seen it many times.


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